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How Should You Exercise Your Pug?

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Pugs are the only dogs that are so close to human nature. They are a super-friendly and homely dog. Incipiently bred to be a lap dog, they have been a constant companion of mankind since ages.

They are totally comfortable with one and all and do not want too much of an attention. Yet, they are like babies and need some at times too. If you are an owner of one or planning to get one soon, there are certain things about their exercising that you should keep in mind.

What are the exercises that Pugs must follow?

Pugs are little dogs, and they do not require exercises every day. Again, a regular dose of cardio too is important to keep them fit.

Since they are a bit prone to being obese and overweight,here are some tips to keep them going:

  • If you are a new parent to one, it is normal that you will want to take it out for a walk and show it off to your neighbors. However, they are not supposed to be brought in contact with other people or the environment outside until and unless the full dose of vaccination is complete.
  • If the pug is less than 10 months old, then there is no need to make him exercise vigorously. This is the time for their growth and too much cardio can affect the plates that are required for proper growth. If these plates are affected, it can lead to malformed limbs.
  • After the vaccination is complete, taking out for short walks and playing will cause no harm.
  • Since they are prone to bloating, as stated earlier, taking them for a walk within one hour of having their meals may be harmful. Taking a break of at least an hour will be okay.
  • It should be made sure that they are not exercising in too much heat. As they are not a breed to sustain warm weather conditions, that might affect their health.

How will this help your dog?

Since this breed is not a big one, they are not too heavy or muscular. Hence, a brisk walk and some simple cardio are enough for them to maintain a good body. Keeping fit is necessary to live a longer life.

Just eating and dozing off affect their health, so a bit of running around will just help them balance it out.

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