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Pug Life Span

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It is hard to overlook a pug for the signature look it has.The smooshed face, curled tail, and small floppy ears make it a favorite of all. 

The full of energy and happy go lucky dog breed is fun loving, vivacious, and packed with personality. They are often referred to as shadows for the way they stick to their owners.

But, if you are wondering how long these beautiful and adorable dogs are going to be around, then this article will help you find all the answers.

The life expectancy of pugs

It goes without saying the life expectancy of pugs varies from one another. You will be relieved to know that your little friend is going to be around for a long time and won't suffer from a lot of health issues.However, the longevity of a pug entirely depends on its breeding, exercise, diet, and care that it receives throughout its life.

A pug generally lives for an average of 14 years, but there are also pugs who have lived for 20 years.

Things to take care of when you are adopting or buying a pug

  • Make sure you know all about the breeding practices.
  • Take a look at the health certificates of your pug along with its parents.
  • When you choose a reputable breeder, they will avoid using breeding stock that shows signs of health disorders.

How can you keep your pug healthy?

Pugs love to eat, and that is why obesity is a significant concern in them. Pugs often act hungry after their meals and several owners end up overfeeding them.

This causes a strain on its heart and joints.

  • Avoid food with gluten, brewer or white rice.
  • De-boned poultry, beef, or lamb is a good choice for pugs.
  • Switch white rice with sweet potatoes.
  • Cut back on the portion of food you are serving your dog if it starts to put on weight. Do this regardless of how hungry your pug acts or what is written on the bag.
  • Feed it thrice a day this will keep its blood sugar under check.
  • Make sure they get exercise every day. Take it out for walks but limit its time outdoors for they are sensitive to extreme heat and cold.
  • Take your pug for regular check-ups to ensure it is getting enough air to breathe.

These are one of the best family dogs. Keep it healthy and fit to enjoy their presence for a long time.

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Image courtesy: https://pixabay.com/photos/pugs-pug-dogs-garden-cute-waiting-2498922/

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