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Why To Buy A Pug?

Posted by Abhay ASTA on

Pugs are so easy to keep, and the best part about their nature is their fuss-free attitude. If you are going to be a novice parent to your pet, trust me, pugs are the best.

They are comfortable and very versatile. There are a few things that might clear your confusions as to why only choose a pug out of all other breeds.

What makes them special?

A lot depends upon the nature of your behavior before you get a pet. If you are a person who wants a pet but not too much of a burden and something that requires you to keep an eye on them constantly,

pugs are the best for you. Here’s why:

  • The size of pugs is just apt to make it a lapdog while you work on your laptop or watch the TV.
  • They are totally devoid of any kind of nags and can be left alone without being worried about it.
  • The look that they have is quite different from regular dogs. They do not have the protruded jaw like most canines and have features that make them more human-like.
  • They are never likely to keep you alone. They will always find warmth in your shelter.
  • Extremely loyal in nature, they are stubborn at times but very dynamic as well.
  • They can be trained very easily.
  • They don't need much space in your home.
  • They are everyone’s friend without a complaint.
  • If you own other pets, they will gel well with them too.
  • All they want is a little bit of cuddling to keep themselves charged up and feel loved.
  • They are extremely good with children. Their friendly nature is what makes them a favorite all over the world.
  • They barely bark, and they are not even close to aggressive.
  • They are super cute and emotional. You can literally find tears in their eyes if you raise your voice even a bit at them.

Imagine owning a lovely fluffy ball of cuteness rolling around in your house all day long. Coming home to these furry friends will make you get rid of all the tensions and sufferings of life. Pets are powerful, and pugs as if have the powers to heal you of all your agonies in a snap.

All they need in return is a bit of hug and cuddles; won’t you be diligent enough to drown them in love?

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Image courtesy: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pugs.JPG

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